Welcome to Pollard's Sawdust Supplies.  We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of wholly Australian, sustainable sourced wood shavings and sawdust. Our wood fibres are completely natural, untreated, and chemical-free. We grade and bag our products in a number of unique ways according to the various needs of our customers.


Established in 1968, we have a wealth of industry knowledge. We have an extensive range with numerous types of graded wood shavings and sawdust available. Contact us today for a free quote or further information, or browse our site for your specific needs.


Our products are supplied throughout Australia and overseas.

Our customers purchase our wood shavings and sawdust for a variety of applications, some of which include :


 • Animal Bedding

 • Smoking Meat/Seafood/Cheese

 • Absorbing Oil / Chemical spills

 • Dunnage/Filling/Packing Material

• Brick Manufacturing

• Pipeline Bedding / Support


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