ASS - Absorption Soaking Sawdust


Absorption Soaking Sawdust


kiln dried pine

absorption soaking particles

biodegradable sawdust



Pollard’s Absorbent Soaking Sawdust can be used for a range of industrial cleaning purposes including the cleaning up of oil and chemical spills. Should you have any queries in evaluating the quality or cost of our product, please contact our office.



available in 75 Litre bags or 30x bags per pallet


Bought and sold by volume, NOT weight.

Pallet = 30 x bags shrink wrapped on a pallet

Available in single bag or pallet orders.


NO treated timbers are used for processing Pollard's Sawdust/Shavings

All processed Sawdust and Shavings, are graded and de-dusted

Bagged in woven polypropylene or hessian stitched bags. Sealed by electronic stitcher

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