ASS sawdust



POLLARD'S Sawdust Supplies offer an Absorption Soaking Sawdust, ideal for household and manufacturing oil and chemical spills.  Pollard's Sawdust has super absorbent qualities.  Soaking up just about any industrial or domestic spill, from motor oil to a bucket of paint. For safety have a supply at the ready in your warehouse, work shop or garage.  Simply cover Pollard's "ASS" over a spill, mix it in with an old broom /shovel and watch it soak up the spillage for an easy fast non-fuss clean up. 100% natural product providing a dry and safe working environment adding traction quickly for multi-purpose spills.


Made from 100% natural softwood & kiln dried, our sawdust / shavings are highly absorbent. They have an all natural odour control and have been graded and de-dusted which provides a cleaner, safer and drier environment. Making clean up quick and easy as sawdust and shavings won't adhere to the floor while providing maximum soak up.



available in 60 Litre bags

available by pallet-load: 30 bags, shrink wrapped

60 Litre bag size (White) 910 mm high x 400 mm wide

Bought and sold by volume, NOT weight.

Bagged in woven polypropylene stitched bags

NO treated timbers are used for processing Pollard's Sawdust/Shavings

All processed Sawdust and Shavings, are graded and de-dusted

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