Dry Hardwood Fine sawdust



Smoking Hardwood - FINE


kiln dried Eucalyptus/Mountain Ash

fine particles only

Ideal for higher temperature smoking

general purpose smoking sawdust




Used by butchers, smallgoods producers, home smokers/industrial smoking/general purpose smoking sawdust.




available in 60 Litre bags / 30x bags per pallet


Our standard size bags are 75 litres: 960 mm high x 430 mm wide

Pallet = 30 x bags, shrink wrapped

Available in single bag or pallet orders.


NO treated timbers are used for processing Pollard's Sawdust/Shavings

All processed Sawdust and Shavings, are graded and de-dusted

Bagged in woven polypropylene stitched bags

Sealed by electronic stitcher

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