Any of our bedding products can be irradiated at the request of the customer.  Some animal research facilities require this additional service. Gamma irradiation (dose 25.0 kGy) is the process used to sterilise our bedding products upon request.


Our irradiation service is done using an Australian accredited sterilisation process.



All irradiated bedding is doubled bagged

Available in 60 Litre bags only

Animal bedding is bought and sold by volume, NOT weight.

60 Litre bag size (White) 910 mm high x 400 mm wide

Bagged in woven polypropylene stitched bags

NO treated timbers are used for processing Pollard's Sawdust/Shavings

Chemical Free Virgin Timber

All processed Sawdust and Shavings, are graded and de-dusted

Sterilised (gamma-irradiated) sawdust available (for research use)

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