MiniFlake Shavings



Animal Bedding - MEDIUM


processed from pine woodshavings and has had the fine particles removed

kiln dried (moisture content ~ 9%)

maximum absorbency

particle size: 5 - 10mm

available in 75 Lt bags




MiniFlake is ideal bedding for smaller animals such as rats, mice, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, rabbits


Our product has been designed to provide various breeders, Universities and State Agencies with a consistent and high quality source of natural animal bedding as needed for breeding purposes, and for laboratory animals being housed for research purposes.


Made from 100% natural softwood & kiln dried, our sawdust / shavings are highly absorbent. They have an all natural odour control and have been graded and de-dusted which provides a cleaner, safer and drier environment. This means bedding changes are less frequent, and clean up is quick and easy as sawdust and shavings won't adhere to the cage or pan.




available in 75 litre bags

Available in single bag orders, or by the pallet-load: 30-39 bags, shrink wrapped




NO treated timbers are used for processing Pollard's Sawdust/Shavings

All processed Sawdust and Shavings, are graded and de-dusted

Bagged in woven polypropylene stitched bags

Sealed by electronic stitcher

Sterilised (gamma-irradiated) sawdust available (for research use)

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