Our principle activity is recycling timber by-products into bags of quality, dust-free, first-grade sawdust and wood shavings. We specialise in making products from:


 • Pine: Sawdust and Shavings

 • Australian Hardwood: Sawdust


All of our products are made from chemical free timber and include:


 • Animal Bedding (for breeders and research)

 • Smoking Sawdust ( for meat, seafood and cheese)

 • Absorption Sawdust (for oil and chemical spills)

 • Wood Flour (for plastic and ceramic composites)


Sawdust and/or wood shavings of various timber types are sought and delivered to our processing plant where they are inspected and checked for type of timber, size and moisture content.


The process begins with loading a large receiving hopper. From the hopper, the sawdust/shavings travel by conveyer belt to be processed through a multi-level screening system.  Here the sawdust travels over screens to separate foreign matter and then grades the sawdust according to size. It is then vacuumed again to remove all or most of the dust.


The end product is packed into bags of varying types and sizes. These are then compressed and sealed by an electronic stitcher. Each batch is then recorded for any future reference. We store all our sawdust bags indoors to protect them from moisture and deterioration caused by the sun's ultraviolet radiation.



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